We are a highly skilled group of entrepreneurial engineers, with strong management experience, who have worked across diverse markets ranging from marine positioning to factory automation and people tracking. The common theme of which has been determining the location of things and people through sensing the surroundings.
We have successfully supplied high quality solutions to companies large and small, including standard products and bespoke variations for specific customer requirements. Our extensive experience helps us to understand customer requirements and work with them to ensure goals are met in a timely and cost-effective manner.
We have developed sensing products for the automotive, forklift truck and marine markets. With our expertise and our network of consultants and suppliers in lasers, optics, high-speed electronics, and software our small team have proved that they can rapidly design new products, and get them into the market.


Ian co-founded Red Sensors with the aim of bringing novel 3D electro-optical sensing solutions to a wide range of industries. Ian originally carried out his PhD research in the early days of wind turbines for power generation which nowadays are making a significant contribution to our electricity needs.

For much of his career, he has worked in the field of optical and laser measurement sensors for a variety of different applications. These include ultra-high precision optical metrology for the automotive industry and semi-conductor industries, laser navigation sensors for AGVs and vessel position sensing in the marine sector.

Ian is a multi-disciplinary engineer and is the primary inventor on several patents in the field of electro-optics and laser metrology.

He has worked at a technical and director level in the Guidance group of companies, two of which have been successfully sold to larger groups. An exit after the most recent sale led to the opportunity to set up Red Sensors.

Role at Red Sensors –
Managing Director


John co-founded Red Sensors having successfully developed a series of technology companies over 25 years.  Starting in the robot vehicle market, his company called Guidance became global suppliers, he identified a potential opportunity to supply laser position reference sensors in to the marine market, this opportunity developed into a company with over 100 employees, with offices in the UK, USA and Singapore. Once the marine business was established John moved to the Offender Monitoring market which uses bespoke body-worn tracking devices to report an offender’s compliance to court imposed restrictions, including home detention, tracking, alcohol monitoring and systems used to safeguard victims of domestic violence.

John worked as Chief Technology Officer in G4S from 2012 to 2017 leading the development of people monitoring technology. He also took on the commercial and technical directorship of the national French Offender Monitoring contract between 2013 to 2017. This contract and the national contract in the UK were successfully renewed in 2017.

Role at Red Sensors –
Business Development Director


Dave has a PhD in Optical Sensor Modelling, followed by over 16 years’ of direct engineering experience. Extensive knowledge of sensor data fusion, from mathematical algorithm development and sensor model building in Matlab and other offline tools, to implementation on embedded platforms, to hardware testing and database design.

He has been instrumental in leading a number of optical and other sensor projects.

For the past fifteen years, the focus of these projects has been navigation and sensing, primarily for autonomy.

Dave has successfully led project teams of engineers (software, mechanical and electronic) to identify customers’ needs, developing and implementing practical engineering solutions.

Dave brings a wealth of experience to Red Sensors and is leading on the sensor modelling and interfacing activity.

Role at Red Sensors –
Technical Director